Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Doings

Hi Everyone,

It's me, Chloe, back from celebrating the NewYear with MOM, Gracie, Travis and Vinnie. We stayed at home since we were all still down after losing Stylle so close to Christmas, but things are getting better.

MOM has been knitting some pretty scarves and SHE said that after SHE finds some batteries for the digital camera, SHE's going to take some pictures of me and I can put them on here. Yes, I know, knitting isn't the same thing as sewing but, since I am MOM's model-in-residence I get to have my picture taken and have it posted. I don't know what scarf I'll be modeling since MOM is also knitting a new bright pink sweater for me and SHE has a scarf that has bright pink in it, maybe I'll get to pose with BOTH of them on. OH, I do hope so - they looked so neat together the other day I can hardly wait.

MOM said SHE was going to try to have each entry posted on Facebook so you all can see what's going on.

Can't talk any more, I hear MOM calling me.

Talkto you soon.


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