Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We're Back

Hi Everybody!!!

It's Gracie and I'm not happy. MOM asked me to remind everyone that we are on Facebook, also that you should stop over there to see what's going on. That $%^&* Travis thought it would be "cute" if I was in my crate while I talked to you - just wait until I get out later today, I'LL make him think what's cute.

Anyway, we are having a good time on Facebook talking to everyone and seeing what other coonhounds are doing, but it's kinda hard to remember that we also have these blogs here that we need to keep them up. Things should be getting easier now that MOM is feeling better, I know that Chloe told you MOM had been sick but SHE is feeling better.

Travis is screaming his head off  because he wants to talk so I'd better close for now. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook under our blog names.

See you soon,


Sunday, January 29, 2012

This N That

Hi All,

I've been working my toes to the bone trying to get things ready for our debut on Facebook and I'm almost there.

MOM and I have been tearing strips of fabric, sewing them together and will be turning them into a quilt. It has all different colors and will look great once it's completely put together and quilted. MOM said SHE also had a pattern for a quilt that has 3 hearts on it along with some bones that SHE said I could make (with HER help, of course) and put it on Facebook so that a nice young pup could have his/her parents buy it for them.

Better close for now and get back to my sewing machine.

Talk to you soon,


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Things, they are a-coming

Hi All,

It's me, Chloe, with an update on the happenings here at the Sewing Room.

Well, last week MOM started knitting my sweater, it's a real bright pink. Travis says you can see me  coming in the dark with it on. He's just jealous because he doesn't have a nice soft sweater to wear. And it matches a scarf that MOM knit and, MOM is also knitting me a snood ( you know, the thing you see on a lot of Greyhounds' neck to help keep them warm) in yarn that matches the scarf. I wasn't crazy about the snood until MOM put it around my neck. Now, I love my snood - I can wear it sorta like a turtle neck or pull it up and cover my ears so they don't get cold. MOM told Gracie that when SHE was finished with my snood SHE will make a sweater and snood for her. Gracie said she wants hers in bright red. MOM said SHE had the yarn for her sweater but needs to find the right yarn for the snood. Gracie said she was anxious to wear her sweater and snood because she gets so cold outside (of course, she would stay warmer if she would put on some weight).

MOM and I also picked out some fabric for 2 quilts - 1 for me and 1 for Gracie. They have pinks, blues, reds, blacks, flowers, and hearts on them. MOM said they would be about 42x60 inches so we can curl up and stay warm. I told MOM that mine could be a little more square and SHE said that was OK with HER.

Of course, when Travis heard that MOM and I were going to make some quilts, he had to pipe up and say he wanted one but NOT with hearts or flowers on them. I told him that MOM and I would have to see what fabrics were in the stash closet and we'd get back with him. I don't think he liked that because he was heard saying, under his breath, that HE wanted to pick out the fabric because girls just didn't understand what a guy likes and they would screw it up and he wouldn't have a quilt. MOM told him he could help since Gracie and I helped pick out our fabric (he was OK with that).

MOM said that SHE was going to add the sweaters and scarves and snoods and some knit blankies to this page so SHE could keep it together and not have it allover the place. I told HER that was fine with me.

Well, not much else to report. I hope I can have some pictures of the new stuff, so hurry back to see.

Until later,


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Doings

Hi Everyone,

It's me, Chloe, back from celebrating the NewYear with MOM, Gracie, Travis and Vinnie. We stayed at home since we were all still down after losing Stylle so close to Christmas, but things are getting better.

MOM has been knitting some pretty scarves and SHE said that after SHE finds some batteries for the digital camera, SHE's going to take some pictures of me and I can put them on here. Yes, I know, knitting isn't the same thing as sewing but, since I am MOM's model-in-residence I get to have my picture taken and have it posted. I don't know what scarf I'll be modeling since MOM is also knitting a new bright pink sweater for me and SHE has a scarf that has bright pink in it, maybe I'll get to pose with BOTH of them on. OH, I do hope so - they looked so neat together the other day I can hardly wait.

MOM said SHE was going to try to have each entry posted on Facebook so you all can see what's going on.

Can't talk any more, I hear MOM calling me.

Talkto you soon.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hi All!

I was talking to MOM today about what I'd like to sew and put on my blog. I gave HER a list of about 20 different things I want to make. Well, after SHE got HER voice back, SHE said it was lost because of being in shock (whatever that is), SHE told me that I'd have to pare down my list to no more than 5-6 things to make. But I kept telling HER that I wanted to make all of the things I listed.

MOM said it would be better to make a few things very well instead of making a lot of things badly. I guess SHE'S right but I still like my idea, but since SHE will be helping me make these things, I need to listen to HER.

Now, I need to decide exactly what I want to make. I know I want to make nice soft dog beds, blankets and quilts for dogs and kids to lie down with, dog clothes (coats, sweaters, t-shirts,etc), small pillows (so the pups and kids can sleep under the quilts), and some t-shirts/sweat shirts for moms and dads and kids. MOM said I can make the blankets can be made from soft fleecie fabric with your choice of dog on them, and that I can applique` dogs on the dog beds and t-shirts and sweat shirts, along with the dog's name. SHE also said that I can make tote bags out of doggie fabrics. I'm so excited I can hardly hold still.

So, MOM and I will get together and draw the designs for all this and start collecting the materials for these. OOOOHHHH, I can't wait!!!!!!!

Come back soon and maybe, if I talk to HER real nice and don't fight with Travis and Gracie, MOM will let me show some of HER drawings for the things I will make.

Bye for now,


Monday, August 29, 2011


Hi All!

My name is Chloe and I wanted to let you all know that I have decided to start a blog to go along with my new business, Chloe's Sewing Room.

Here, I will make clothes for moms, dads, kids, puppies, dogs, and for your home. I even make really soft and comfy dog beds.

I will show you all that I make and let you know how you can buy one for your kids/self and your pup, too.

I hope you will come back real soon. MOM is going to help me sew and I will model the clothes.

Til we meet again,

Chloe, head designer.